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Science Now Tells Us What We Have Always Known:

We Are What We Eat


The New federal "Food Plate" Replacing The Food Pyramid

The New federal “Food Plate” Replacing The Food Pyramid

Health and Wellness at the workplace is now at the forefront of the Affordable Care Act (ACA or “Obamacare”).

Preventative Care is at the forefront of the ACA and programs that monitor employee fitness, diet, and lifestyle are attached to the ACA mandate for employer provided healthcare.

At FarmToFactory we want to provide information as well as the means to support wellness in the workplace.

Here is a link to some insightful “OBAMACARE FACTS”

To read more regarding Health and Wellness programs in the workplace CLICK HERE.


Within the ACA, there are financial benefits for an employer who must provide Healthcare for their employees if they implement Health and Wellness programs LIKE THESE. Some examples are smoking cessation programs, excercise programs, body fat monitoring, and healthy eating programs.

FarmToFactory produce deliveries coupled with biannual Health and Wellness seminars with our partner DrFood, will help employers meet that ACA mandate while also creating a supportive, healthy incentive at the workplace – see our SUCCESS STORIES.


“I think the program is wonderful. There is no way I would try or buy some of this otherwise. Its almost a challenge each week to find new recipes and cook where I would usually say I don’t have the time. It doesn’t cost a lot and I’m eating more healthy foods.”

“Thank you Jennifer and the Wellness Committee for making this happen!”



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Visit our Partners to learn more and to find out how to establish a “Health and Wellness” program at your work as part of the Affordable Care Act. We can help you be prepared for this upcoming Government Mandate.